Generate valid one-word domain names

Posted on September 24, 2021 — by Hieu Nguyen

Short and impressive domain names are hard to find. ishim is an All-in-one Domain Tool, helps to brainstorm and find available one-word domain names (as seen on HackerNews, and Reddit).

With this Domain Tool, you can:

  • Find valid one-word names in 4 languages (English, French, Spanish, and Dutch)
  • Bulk check those names with whatever TLDs you choose

If you have been using similar apps online (i.e impossibly, namemesh, domainsfortherestofus), you’ll notice they disappear and haven’t been back for some time. As a desktop app, you don’t have to worry about that. Besides, your search queries are sent directly to the WHOIS servers.

There are a few other features to help with your domain hunting, but let focus on generating one-word domain names.

Generate valid one-word domain names

ishim helps generate valid one-word domain names in 4 languages, including English, Spanish, Dutch and French. Yes, generated names are legit words (expect using prefix/suffix recipe).

Currently, there are 3 recipes for name generating, which are:

  1. Mesh letters: generate words from your letter and length inputs. For example, your inputs are "gole" and the name length is 6, the results can be "google", "goggle".
  2. Match words: generate words that start, end, or match with your inputs (seperated by commas). For example, specifying the Name starts with "re,in", the results can be "indie" and "restart". Note that the length will be matched as well
  3. Use prefix/suffix: generate words by adding prefix and suffix to your word list. For example, your name list has "vax", the generated words with prefix can be "antivax", "revax", "unvax", and with suffix can be "vaxful", "vaxic" and so on.

You can download the latest AIO Domain Tools for on MacOS, Windows, and Linux at

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