How to get Infura URL for ENS domain names

Posted on November 16, 2021 — by Hieu Nguyen

Infura is a platform that provides development tools for Etherium blockchain. We can use Infura tools to resolve ENS (Etherium Name Service) domain names.

This video will walk you through creating an Infura account, get and config Infura URL on ishim to enable ENS domain support

How to get Infura URL

  1. Create an Infura account at (remember to confirm your email address)

  2. Then confirm the account (or login), on the Dashboard, click CREATE NEW PROJECT. On the PRODUCT option, select Etherium. And enter your project name (i.e ishim eth)

  3. After the project is created, you'll be redirected to the project URL, which the URL looks like{project_id}. Now, look at the KEYS section, your Infura URL should look like{id}

Set Infura URL for ishim AIO Domain Tools

When you have your Infura URL, to set Infura URL and enable ENS domain checking on ishim (apply for Desktop app only):

  1. Open the app, navigate to the Settings page (cog icon located at the top right)

  2. Scroll down to Blockchain Domains, paste the Infura URL and Save

Now, you have completed the settings to enable support for ENS domain names

After getting the Infura URL and configuring it into ishim, you can now bulk check availability for ENS domains.

Let us know in case you have any question.

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